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A Look at the UK Fashion Industry

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

The UK high street fashion industry is worth an estimated £44.5 billion. In 1960 10% of household expenditure was spent on clothing and footwear. Today, thanks to discounted prices, lower production costs abroad and a flood of Chinese imports, only 6% of household expenditure is spent on keeping us fashionable. Encouragingly for the consumer, between 2001 and 2005 average clothing and footwear prices fell 14.4% whilst the cost of living has risen by 12.6%. Discounting is rife in the ultra-competitive UK fashion market. Marks & Spencer remains the market leader in the sale of high street fashion, but faces fierce competition from discount fashion specialists such as Primark and TK Maxx. Increasingly, affluent younger consumers are buying formerly exclusive high fashion brands such as; Prada (Italy), Chloe (France), Hugo Boss (Germany), Burberry (UK) and Donna Karan (U.S) to mention but a few.

The rise of cheap imports has nearly wiped out UK manufacturing. These days UK manufacturing concentrates on specialist fashion clothing or luxury products, mostly made for wealthy consumer in other developed countries. A continued trend in the fashion industry is the integration of manufacturers and retailers. The top three fashion retailers in UK; Next, Marks & Spencer and Arcadia (Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, BHS etc.), are all manufacturing and retailing their own fashion brands. Exceptions to this vertical integration are the street fashion brands of Nike, Adidas and Reebok, who prefer specialist retailers. To conclude, the UK fashion market will continue to be driven by retailers rather than manufacturers with a polarisation between discounters and full-price retailers. The full-price retailers will capitalise on young consumer demand for couture-house designs, quality materials and individual styles sold as “fast fashion” with items offered for a limited time before new styles are released. Forecasts to 2010 are for the women’s, girls and infants fashion market to grow by 23% with a 15.6% growth for the men’s and boys fashion market.

Revolutionary Fashion Footwear

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Cat Boots or caterpillar boots belong to Caterpillar, a leading shoe manufacturer, renowned globally for their trendy yet tough footwear. The Cat Boots are famous for a long lasting durability. The material used in manufacturing the boots is of superior quality and are not that susceptible to wear and tear. Since the beginning, Caterpillar emerged as one of the reliable boots manufacturers. The brand uses modern technologies for making heavy-duty boots to stay ahead of competition.

There is something for everyone in this brand’s shoe collection. Cat Boots are strong, stylish and comfortable. Whether you are at work or partying hard, caterpillar boots suit every purpose and occasion. These exclusive boots come in various styles and color combination. You can choose from an extensive variety of rugged or stylish boots, specifically customized and ensure an elegant look. Among the men’s boots category the ‘Cat Colorado’, provide a full grain leather upper. These are actually work boots but it has now become an integral part of men’s fashion accessory. The ‘Cat Bruiser’ is a classic piece of footwear, which is actually a lace-up ankle boot. The generous cushioning and the seam seal enhance the support system and the comfort level. These boots actually keep your feet dry and cool.

Cat Boots are famous for their advanced technology that creates unparalleled flexibility. The thick rubber outer soles help to protect your feet and absorb the shock while you are on the go. Earlier, shoe lovers had a misconception that boots are not meant to be a fashion accessory. However, Caterpillar successfully changed this concept. The designers of the brand came up with unusual creations that helped boots to become a fashion accessory from a workplace item. Before you purchase Cat Boots, get some information regarding the product over the Internet. There is detailed information regarding Cat shoes, which will help you to make the right choice. You should also check whether the shoes you are buying are fitting you properly. The boots are easy on the pockets giving you that extra shopping pleasure, without worrying much about the price. Due to its cost effective options, Caterpillar boots have proved that it does not take a lot to look stylish and trendy.