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What Exactly Is Vintage Skirt

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Simply, a vintage skirt is a skirt that is old, really old, and even extremely old. Old clothing can be hard to come by since they were often worn in their day and then discarded. Luckily people in generations long past had clothing that was made to last and they took much better care of them. On the other hand they didn’t have as many sets of clothing as we do today so they wore their clothing out. There are a few vintage pieces still floating around these days. If you look very hard you can find them. Of course the more recent the era of vintage skirt you are looking for the more skirts in that style you will find.

If a fashion is considered vintage depends on who you are talking to. Some would consider at least 20 years old to be vintage while others say is has to be at least 100. What matters the most is what you think is vintage. Everyone has their own opinion and you can’t always follow everyone else’s rules. Personally I find it hard to think of styles from the 80’s and 90’s as vintage. If you love vintage skirt then why limit yourself to what was made a long time ago. First of all you would need to be very small to fit into anything left from the 60’s and earlier. Generations do get taller and bigger, so if you are what is considered average sized or bigger today, it will be hard to find an authentic vintage skirt. It is also possible to love the styles of certain arras, but want it in a more modern cut or fabric.